About Our Biltong

We think our biltong is the best in Australia and we think you will, too. Whilst our heritage, and the origins of our recipe, are South African, it’s our commitment to exclusively using the finest Australian beef that makes all the difference. You will notice our dedication to quality from your very first bite. Our original biltong is made using pasture-fed Angus from suppliers that include Woodward, Cape Grim and Riverina Beef. We are committed to producing biltong that leads the market in terms of flavour, consistency and forward-thinking sustainability.
Our wagyu biltong begins with exceptional quality Australian wagyu beef. Our benchmark is Rangers Valley Wagyu MBS3+. Rangers Valley is a world leader when it comes to quality, environmental sustainability and animal welfare. After being selected, trimmed, sliced and spiced by our Biltong Masters, it is carefully hung and monitored closely throughout the drying process. The result is luxurious; with melting tenderness and rich, decadent flavour.

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Whole Sticks

The way biltong was meant to be enjoyed. This is THE original biltong and offers the maximum in flavour, mouthfeel and shelf-life. Our sticks have minimum weight of 380gr. Each one is the result of almost 10 years of refining our process. The whole stick is our masterpiece and gives you maximum flexibility; just slice and snack as needed!
Every home needs a piece (or 3!) hanging in the kitchen. Whether it’s a quick protein hit between meals or shared with the neighbours over a sundowner, you’ll always have biltong at it’s very best. Free hook included with every first order so you can try it for yourself! Unopened, pressure-sealed bags can remain in the fridge for 60 days. Once opened, if you plan to keep it in the bag, in the fridge, it will last for a minimum of 30 days.

We highly recommend your order your biltong the whole stick way!

Sliced Bags

Enjoy our Traditional or Peri Peri sticks, sliced for your convenience. Our sliced biltong comes in 500gram or 1kg bags.

Snap Sticks

Our snap sticks are available in Traditional, Peri Peri or Wagyu. This perfect snack for on the run comes in 500gram or 1kg resealable bags.


Our Traditional droëwors is made from 100% chuck beef and is cured the traditional way from recipes handed down over generations. Our Peri Peri droëwors is incredible. Tasty and spicy it’s a big favourite with our customers.


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