Field To Fork Vaucluse

Vaucluse is our second home. We opened Field To Fork Vaucluse in October of 2016. We included our traditional butcher’s display into our second location. You’ll be able to find all of our fantastic products from Bondi: outstanding ethically raised and sustainably farmed meat and poultry and our delicious cooked homestyle meals. As well as this, we’ve added a full deli display with cured meats and cold cuts, olives and a range of superb cheese. You can even find artisan bread, Pepe Saya cultured butter, pastured unhomogenized milk and organic farm fresh eggs.

In Vaucluse, we installed the same custom built drying chamber that we have in Bondi and, since day one, we have been making our renowned range of South African products in-house. Our biltong recipe has been passed down three generations and we are extremely proud of the delicious gluten-free, sugar-free high protein snack. You can also find our peri-peri biltong, traditional all-beef boerwors and our excellent droewors.

Vaucluse has a state-of-the-art dry-ageing room where we age our pasture-raised beef for at least 32 days. Dry-ageing is a time honored butchery technique which naturally tenderizes beef and concentrates the flavour of the steak. If you’ve never tried a dry-aged cut you will be astonished at the difference.

Vaucluse has a staggering range of carefully selected condiments to go along with our traditional butchery items. We stock McClures pickles, Stonewall Kitchen products including their delicious horseradish mustard (our favourite steak accompaniment), Huy Fong Sriracha sauce, Lillies Q BBQ sauces, Kewpie products (their Japanese mayonnaise is unparalleled), Yoshida’s Wing and Ribs Sauce, award-winning Nolans’ Road Olive Oil along with many many more. We have a range of imported South African condiments like Mrs Balls’ Chutneys and Steers’ Braai sauce. You can also find pantry staples like artisan pasta (as well as Barilla), rice, flour, chutneys, preserved goods, oils, vinegars, dried herbs and spices.

Vaucluse also has a large range of kitchenware and gift ideas. We stock an unsurpassed range of wooden boards in every shape and style, soured from around the globe including South Africa, France and, of course, those made right in here in Australia. We also have a treasure trove of steak knives, BBQ kits, chef knives, napkins and wooden napkin boxes, cutlery trays, wire mesh food coverings, lazy Susans, terracotta pots and more.

Vaucluse is managed by Matthew Derrick. Matt grew up near Oxford, UK and was classically trained as an English butcher before immigrating to Australia. Matt is our favourite Pommy export and we love the passion and dedication that he pours into his craft.

  • 101 New South Head Road, Vaucluse NSW, Australia
  • Monday - Friday 7am - 7pm, Saturday - Sunday 7am - 6pm
  • (02) 9388 7171

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