Field To Fork Bondi

Bondi was our first home. We opened Field To Fork Bondi in ‘The Hub’ on Hall Street in March 2014. It’s been wonderful becoming part of the Bondi community. At Field To Fork Bondi, you will find a full butcher display with exceptional grass-fed and finished steaks & roasts, sausages made-in-house daily and BBQ goodies like marinated kebabs, butterflied legs of lamb and tender chops. Not only that, you’ll find a wide range of our homestyle meals. Think slow-roasted shoulders of lamb, farmhouse roast chickens, lasagna, freshly-made sandwhiches, meatballs and far more. As well as all the sides and salads to go along with it.

Since day one, we have been making a range of South African products in-house. Our biltong recipe has been passed down three generations and we are extremely proud of our version of the delicious gluten-free, sugar-free high protein snack. You can also find our peri-peri biltong, all-beef boerwors and our excellent droewors. Try Jason’s peri-peri droewors! We routinely get told it’s the best spicy droeie you can get.

We also have a range of carefully selected condiments to go along with our traditional butchery items. We stock McClures pickles, Stonewall Kitchen products including their delicious horseradish mustard (our favourite steak accompaniment), Huy Fong Sriracha sauce, Lillies Q BBQ sauces, Yoshida’s Wing and Ribs Sauce, award-winning Nolans’ Road olive oil along with many many more.

Bondi has a large range of kitchenware and gift ideas. We stock an unsurpassed range of wooden boards in every shape and style, soured from around the globe including South Africa, France and, of course, those made right in here in Australia. We also have a treasure trove of napkins and wooden napkin boxes, cutlery trays, wire mesh food coverings, lazy Susans, knives, terracotta pots and more.

Our Bondi store is managed by Jason Goggins, a master butcher with 35 years of experience. Jason is our longest-serving employee and an integral part of the family. Some of our best selling products are his creations! From classics like his homemade beef & veg sausage rolls, potato bake and Italian sausages, to innovations like his san-choy-bow sausages (simply delicious grilled and served in a crunchy lettuce leaf), spicy sriracha droewors and, of course, his outstanding Greek marinade.

When not serving customers, the Bondi team can be found in the surf (just ask Fred where the waves are) or kicking back and enjoying an icy-cold Cooper’s pale ale. Pop past and say g’day! The team will be glad to serve you.

  • LG07/75 Hall Street, Bondi Beach, NSW, 2026
  • Monday - Sunday 7am - 7pm
  • (02) 9130 1888

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