Peri Peri Snap Sticks – 500g

As opposed to whole biltong sticks, snapsticks are sliced before the drying process, resulting in bold flavour and a crispier texture. Our peri-peri snapsticks have added spice for a fiery kick. Made using grass-fed and finished South Australian and Tasmanian beef from producers that include Cape Grim, 36º South and Bass Strait Beef. The silversides are trimmed, sliced and seasoned with our signature spicy peri-peri blend and cured with malt vinegar before being carefully dried for 72 hours. A favourite amongst those that like it hot, peri-peri snapsticks are right up there with our favourite lines.

Don’t forget to grab your favourite frosty cold beverage to enjoy with these spicy snapsticks, you might need it!

Made to a South African recipe passed down three generations. Gluten-free, sugar-free, high-protein snacking. We make our biltong using only grass-fed and finished beef.

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$40.00 available on subscription

About Our Biltong

Our biltong and droewors is made to a South African recipe passed down three generations. We make our biltong using only grass-fed and finished beef. It’s cured in salt and malt vinegar, marinated in our special blend of spices and air-dried in a purpose built chamber for 72 hours. It’s the perfect high protein healthy snack. Our Wagyu biltong is carefully processed by our Biltong Masters using the best quality Wagyu. We favour Rangers Valley Wagyu with a marble score of +3 .

icon-sugar-free-black Sugar Free
icon-soy-free-black Soy Free
icon-gluten-free-black Gluten Free
icon-high-pretein-black High Protein

What is Biltong?

Biltong dates back to the days of the Voortrekkers (Dutch ‘pioneers’ or frontiersmen) in colonial South Africa. Having no means of refrigeration, the Voortrekkers needed a way of preserving food for long journeys. In the colder months, they would cure game meat with vinegar and salt and hang the strips to dry. The result was biltong; a protein rich food that could be stored for months at a time. However, meat has been dried as a method of preservation for many thousands of years throughout Africa in pre-colonial history. In the olden days, it was made with whatever meat you could get your hands on; ranging from farmed beef and lamb, to game like kudu, buffalo and even ostrich.

Today, we use only the finest Australian beef in our biltong, but we stay true to our African heritage with every batch we make. As we tell first timers; “biltong is best enjoyed with friends, sport and your favourite ice cold beverage”.