Coles Local

We are proud to be partnering with Coles Supermarkets. In late 2019, we were approached by Coles and asked if we were interested in submitting a proposal to supply their new concept, Coles Local.

Coles Local began in Melbourne in 2018, offering a smaller, better tailored, completely revamped shopping experience. Partnering with locally known brands, they began to offer products tailored specifically for the locale of the store.
We consider ourselves immensely fortunate to have been chosen to supply our butchery items to Coles Local Rose Bay. There, you can find a complete deli display with our favourite items, which is updated seasonally. You can also find a hanging biltong bar, the first of it’s kind in Australia. Like our retail stores, all the beef and lamb is pasture-raised (and finished), free-range, and free from hormones and antibiotics. For our value-added lines, we use zero preservatives, something that is nigh unheard of in the supermarket meat supply industry.
Following the success of our partnership with Coles Local Rose Bay, as of October 2020, we now supply a large range of prepackaged products to Coles Local Chatswood and Coles Local Manly Corso. While there isn’t a deli display in those shops, customers can now choose products that have been cut and prepared by hand, with love. Made without preservatives, we vacuum seal the products in 100% recyclable packaging that contains recycled material. We hope our new Chatswood and Manly customers enjoy our goodies as much as we do.

  • 694 Old South Head Road, Rose Bay NSW, Australia
  • Monday - Friday 7am-10pm

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